Hotels in Moradabad near Railway Station

Best Luxury and Cheap Hotels in moradabad

If you are looking for hotels in Moradabad near railway station - my suggestion would be Mansarover Paradise or Hotel Rajan Moradabad

Moradabad city also known as Pital Nagri is one of the major export city for Stainless Steel dinnerware and also Brassware. Lot of foreigners visit the local market of Bartan Bazzar just for shopping these fancy brass ware products which are available at very cheap price in comparison to what they get in their own country. Moradabad has also gained importance in the recent 5 to 10 years due to new Teerthankar Medical College and Vivekanand Hospital which serves patients in nearby cities like Amroha, Rampur, Bilaspur, Rudrapur, Joya etc.

Lets talk about the hotels - there are many hotels in the city, but what we are showing in this page are only the Reputed one - yes reputed hotels only on which you can trust specially if you are first time visitor.

Cheapest place to stay in Moradabad is Hotel Taj Inn just 5 minutes away from Station road and room rent starts from Rs. 1,247 per night. They have pretty decent banquet hall also - I have attended a marriage at this place and the food served and services provided was just awesome.

Hotel Rajan Moradabad is one of the old and well known hotel in the middle of the city - they have a Bar in house and location is very close to the main market - So if location is your prefrence than I would recommend you to book Hotel Rajan.

Holiday Regency Hotel Moradabad is the only 5 star hotel in the city - it has luxury but location would be a challenge - it is on Delhi Highway - If you have your own vehicle and you need not visist the old Moradabad area - the hotel is good as you need not worry about the city traffic mess which is actually a pain.

Browse below hotel links and check the latest price and availability - many a times due to off-peak, I have seen these hotels being offered at a discount of 20 to 40% - so do check the latest rates and what they offer.

List of Hotels in Moradabad Distance from Station Road Price - Per Night (In INR) Star Rating Address
Holiday Regency Hotel Moradabad 0.33 Mile 8,658 5 Star 9th Km Stone Delhi Road
Mansarover Paradise 1.6 Mile 2,800 3 Star Mansarover Colony, Delhi...
M B Greens Clarks Inn 2.53 Mile 2,875 4 Star Prem Wonder Land Rampur...
Hotel Taj Inn 0 Mile 1,247 3 Star Dr. Ram Sarup Colony
Drive In 24 Hotel 2.75 Mile 3,974 3 Star Opp. Circuit House
Hotel Rajmahal Moradabad 1.1 Mile 2,148 3 Star Civil Lines, , Civil...
Hotel Rajan Moradabad 0.51 Mile 2,685 3 Star Budh Bazaar, Station...
Amara Boutique Hotel 1.29 Mile 3,917 4 Star Level-2, Crossroad Mall...

Watch this short video and see how Moradabad streets looks

Amara Boutique Hotel - is in new Moaradbad near MDA - it has apretty good feedback from visitore and suitable if you are going to attend a marriage in Moradabad nearby that area.


Hotel Regency Moradabad