Top Hotel Rooms in Alleppey at Affordable Price and Best Locations

Are you looking for a comfortable and economical stay in the town, Evmastu Hotels brings you the best in class hotels which you can book online before your stay. These hotels have been handpicked by our local experts who understands your need and requirement quite well as they themselves are frequent traveler to different part of the world. 

These hotels are suitable for families of 2 to 3 or bigger rooms for family of 4 , 5 and even 6 people, students, honeymoon couples, single traveler or  business trips or for any other purpose as the price range of hotels we have is from cheapest to most luxury hotels.

You may further filter on the type of accommodation to choose i.e  Apartment, Bed & Breakfast, Dormitory, Guest House, Hostel, Inn, Motel or a Resort. These places to stay in are strategically located to help you find a place a shopping mall where you can get your daily needs and hospitals - god forbids if you need one.

To help you search the place to stay - you may filter on the facilities available in hotel i.e 24 Hour Reception, Airport Shuttle, Fitness Room/Gym, High Speed Internet or wifi, Kitchenette, a dedicated parking for guests, Spa and Wellness Centre, Swimming Pool, Hotels with Chilled Air Conditioner, Baby Sitting Service, Bar or a live Lounge, a well maintained business centre, Satellite TV to entertain you, a Casino, Concierge Service, Room Service and Self Laundry or Drycleaning facility.

The list of all major 3/4/5 star hotels in the town is refreshed and uptodate from leading hotel sites like Expedia, Travelocity,, Accor Hotels etc. 

Visit Specific Hotel links below to check user reviews and ratings, photos, address, price per room, tariff, deals, latest offers and availability.

So no need to worry about the rates, whatever rates we show are very much competitive and cheapest in the area.

List of Hotels Star Rating Popularity
Citrus Retreats Alleppey 4 Star Retreat 91%
Raheem Residency 4 Star Hotel 89%
Punnamada Serena Resort Alleppey 4 Star Resort 86%
Ramada Alleppey 5 Star Hotel 82%
Lake Palace Resort Alleppey 4 Star Resort 78%
Palm Beach Resort Alleppey 3 Star Hotel 76%
Kayaloram Heritage Lake Resort 3 Star Resort 71%
Casamaria Beach Resort 3 Star Resort 70%
Coco Houseboats 3 Star Boat 68%
Panoramic Sea Resort Alleppey 3 Star Hotel 68%
Krishnendu Ayurveda Resort 3.5 Star Resort 67%
Arcadia Regency Hotel Alleppey 3 Star Hotel 64%
Pagoda Resorts Alleppey 3 Star Resort 63%
House Boat Rainbow Cruises Alleppey 3 Star Boat 60%
Pride Emarald Island Resort 3 Star Resort 52%
Punamada Lake Resort Alleppey 5 Star Resort Not Rated
Aqua Holidays Houseboat Alleppey 3 Star Boat Not Rated
Grandeur Houseboats Kumarakom 3 Star Boat Not Rated
Royale Park Hotel 4 Star Hotel Not Rated
ATDC House Boats Alleppey 3 Star Boat Not Rated
Marari Fishermen Village Beach Resort 3 Star Resort Not Rated
Kuttanad Scenic Villa Alleppey 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Shore N Shade 3 Star Lodge Not Rated
Penta Green Houseboats 3 Star Boat Not Rated
The Beach At Pollethai 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Lakes & Lagoons Tour Company 4 Star Hotel Not Rated
House Boat Grandeur 3.5 Star Boat Not Rated
Bella Homestay 3 Star Homestay Not Rated
Motty's Homestay 3 Star Homestay Not Rated
Spice Routes- Luxury House Boat 3 Star Boat Not Rated
Royal Life Houseboat 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Venice Castle 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Hotel Coral Heights 4 Star Hotel Not Rated
Pournami Houseboats 4 Star Hotel Not Rated
Alleppey Crystal Holidays, Houseboats 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Varick Villa 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
B 4 You Houseboats 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Victory Alleppey 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Kalarickal Exotic Passages Homestay 5 Star Hotel Not Rated
Alleppey Prince Hotel Alleppey 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Wisperingwater Houseboat 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Jaladarsini 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Alamanda Guest House 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Western Classic Inn 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Aqua Castle Houseboat by Aqua Jumbo Houseboats 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
SN House Boats 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Kerala Holiday Inn 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Soma Jyothi 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Marvel Cruise 3 Star Hotel Not Rated
Bella Art and Meditation House 3 Star Hotel Not Rated

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Here is a short video which will give you an insight into the city and help you make most of your visit to this beautiful city.

As these are 3/4/5 star properties in a well reputed city, they are completely safe and suitable (Specially the Popular one with High Popularity Index) for Manali , Afghan, Albanian, Algerian, Andorran, Angolan, Anguillan, Antiguans, Barbudans, Argentine, Armenian, Australian (Ozzie or Aussie), Austrian, Azerbaijani - also Azeri's, Bahamian, Bahraini, Bangladeshi, Barbadian or Bajuns, Belarusian, Belgian, Belizean, Beninese, Bermudian, Bhutanese, Bolivian, Bosnian, Herzegovinian, Motswana (singular), Batswana (plural), Brazilian, British Virgin Islander, Bruneian, Bulgarian, Burkinabe, Burundian, Cambodian, Cameroonian, Canadian, Cape Verdian or Cape Verdean, Caymanian, Central African, Chadian, Chilean, Chinese, Christmas Islander, Cocos Islander, Colombian, Comoran, Congolese, Congolese, Costa Rican, Ivorian, Croat, Cuban, Cypriot, Czech, Dane, Djibouti, Dominican, Dominican, East Timorese, Ecuadorean, Egyptian, Salvadoran, Equatorial Guinean or Equatoguinean, Eritrean, Estonian, Ethiopian, Falkland Islander, Fijian, Finn, French, French Guianese, Gabonese, Gambian, Georgian, German, Ghanaian, Gibraltarian, British, Greek, Greenlander, Grenadian or Grenadan, Guadeloupean, Guatemalan, Channel Islander, Guinean, Guinea-Bissauan, Guyanese, Haitian, Honduran, Hong Kong Chinese, Chinese, Hungarian, Icelander, Indian, Indonesian, Iranian, Iraqi, Irishman or Irishwoman or Irish, Manxman, Manxwoman, Manx, Israeli, Italian, Jamaican, Japanese, Jordanian, Kazakhstani, Kenyan, I-Kiribati, North Korean, South Korean, Kuwaiti, Kyrgyz, Kyrgyzstani or Kirghiz, Lao or Laotian, Latvian, Lebanese, Mosotho (plural Basotho), Liberian, Libyan, Liechtensteiner, Lithuanian, Luxembourger, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malawian, Malaysian, Maldivan, Malian, Maltese, Marshallese, Martiniquais, Martinican, Mauritanian, Mauritian, Mahorais, Mexican, Micronesian, Moldovan, Monegasque or Monacan, Mongolian, Montserratian, Moroccan, Mozambican, Burmese or Myanmarese, Namibian, Nauruan, Nepalese, Netherlander or Dutch, Dutch Antillean, New Zealander or Kiwi, Nicaraguan, Nigerien, Nigerian, Norwegian, Omani, Pakistani, Palauan, Palestinian, Panamanian, Papua New Guinean, Paraguayan, Peruvian, Filipino, Pole, Portuguese, Puerto Rican, American, Qatari, Reunionese, Romanian, Russian, Rwandan, Saint Helenian, Kittian and Nevisian, Saint Lucian, Saint Vincentian, Vincentian, Samoan, Sammarinese or San Marinese, Sao Tomean, Saudi or Saudi Arabian, Scottish (NOT Scotch) , Senegalese, Serbian or Montenegrin, Seychellois, Sierra Leonean, Singaporean, Slovak, Slovene, Solomon Islander, Somali, South African, Spaniard, Sri Lankan, Sudanese, Surinamer, Swazi, Swede, Swiss, Syrian, Taiwanese, Tajik or Tadzhik, Tanzanian, Thai, Togolese, Tongan, Trinidadian or Tobagonian, Tunisian, Turk, Turkmen(s), Tuvaluan, Ugandan, Ukrainian, Emirati, British, Britons, (Brits), American (Yanks),  Uruguayan, Uzbek or Uzbekistani, Ni-Vanuatu, Citizen of the Holy See, Venezuelan, Vietnamese, Virgin Islander, Welsh , Yemeni or Yemenite, Zambian, Zimbabwean

If you need a hotel in any other city, these Economical and best hotels are in all major cities in India i.e