Under 75 Euros: Good Hotels in Paris near Eiffel Tower

Luxury hotels in Paris with Eiffel Tower view

Paris is know in the world because of two major tourist attractions ie Eiffel Tower and The Lovre Museum. For kids and families in Europe who want to spend a quality time in amusement parks Paris Disneyland is one of there preferred choice . Paris is an international city and capital of France people in France are very well educated, traffic and transport system in the city is very supportive to Tourism industry.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Paris - we would suggest you below places to stay and very close to Eiffel Tower. Below table shows their star ratings, price and distance from Eiffel Tower. These hotels have very comfortable rooms some of them actually has a view to the famous Eiffel tower. 4 and 5 Star hotels have a grand reception and lobby area to give you that royal feeling.

Cheapest and most comfortable Three star hotel near Eiffel tower is Beaugrenelle Tour Eiffel which is around 10-15 minutes walking distance from Eiffel Tower entrance.

Reputed 4  star facility close to Eiffel Tower is Hotel le Tourville which is 0.6 miles away from Eiffel Tower and can be booked for Eur 153 per night. I have read the read the reviews about this hotel on various other travel portals also and people vouch for the luxury they get at this price and also they praise the staff of the hotel.

Closest place to stay near Eiffel Tower is Eiffel Rive Gauche - It is just 0.3 miles away from the tower. This is a two star property available at Euro 118 per night.

Here is the list of recommended hotels in Singapore near the great Eiffel Tower:

Hotels Distance from Eiffel Tower Price - Per Night (In EUR) Star Rating Address
Hotel de Nantes 2.6 Mile €43 1 Star 3 Rue Boulay
Hotel Europe Paris 2.57 Mile €52 1 Star 67 Rue Des Moines
Appi Hotel 2.6 Mile €55 1 Star 158 Rue Saint-Denis
Hotel Santana Paris 2.45 Mile €55 1 Star 109 rue Legendre
Hotel du Roi Rene 2.24 Mile €56 2 Star 72 Place Du Dr Félix...
Hotel Pacific Paris 2.94 Mile €59 1 Star 70 Rue Du Chateau D'eau
Hotel Aladin Paris 2.95 Mile €59 2 Star 14 Rue Des Cordelieres
Hotel Bonsejour Montmartre 2.7 Mile €59 3 Star 11 Rue Burq
Hotel Clauzel 2.5 Mile €60 2 Star 33 Rue Des Martyrs
Hotel Aviatic 2.45 Mile €64 1 Star 10 Rue Brezin
Ambassadeur Hotel Paris 2.62 Mile €64 3 Star 153 Rue Legendre
Moulin Vert 2.19 Mile €65 2 Star 74 Rue Du Moulin Vert
Hotel Transcontinental Paris 2.2 Mile €65 2 Star 155 Avenue du Maine
Hotel de Dieppe 1.95 Mile €66 2 Star 22 Rue D Amsterdam
Hotel Paris Lecluse 2.27 Mile €69 2 Star 17 Rue De Lecluse
Campanile Maine Montparnasse 2.15 Mile €70 3 Star 146 Avenue Du Maine
Auriane Porte de Versailles 1.68 Mile €71 3 Star 60 Rue Olivier De Serres
Victoria Hotel Paris 2.45 Mile €72 2 Star 2 Bis Cite Bergere
Prince Albert Opera 1.99 Mile €72 2 Star 89 Rue de Provence
Studio Hotel Paris 1.42 Mile €72 2 Star 25 rue Alain Chartier
Fiat Hotel 2.41 Mile €72 2 Star 36 Rue de Douai
Hotel de la Felicite 2.16 Mile €72 3 Star 43 Rue De La Felicite
Hotel de Paris Maubeuge 2.73 Mile €73 2 Star 37 Rue Maubeuge
Hotel De France Quartier Latin Paris 2.89 Mile €74 2 Star 108 Rue Monge
Le Regent Hostel 2.85 Miles €74 2 Star 37 Boulevard Rochechouart
Arty Paris 1.88 Mile €74 2 Star 62 Rue Des Morillons
Hotel Camelia International Paris 2.22 Mile €74 2 Star 3 Rue Darcet
Hauteville Opera 2.76 Miles €74 3 Star 41 Rue D Hauteville
Hotel Des Boulevards 2.58 Mile €75 1 Star 10 Rue De la Ville Neuve

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