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Milan is one of the most important cities in Italy, it is one of the favourite tourist destination in Italy known for its historically important heritage sites, sky scrappers and much more. City has something for everyone - if you are a person who loves Shopping than worlds 1st Shopping Mall - Galleria is waiting for you, the city has rich museum, beautiful Park, well planned infrastructure and honest citizens.To talk about hotels in the city: 

B&B Villa Melchiorre is one of the low cost but comfortable budget hotel which is 0.75 Kms close to Galfa Tower - Milan. This hotel's room prices have actually created a very healthy competition in the entire city - as the rates are just unmatchable if we see the services they offer.

Hotel Bolzano is the most Convenient three star hotel in the town which is 0.53 Kms from Galfa Tower - Milan. This 3 star property has fabulous and wonderful rooms at a decent price tag. Room size specially for the Deluxe one is good enough for 2 or can even accommodate 3 people. Beds are very comfortable to ensure you get a nice sleep at night. Hotel work force is smart enough to answer your quick travel related questions in the city.

New York Hotel Milan is the Nearest Hotel in the area which is 0.33 Kms from Galfa Tower - Milan. The address and location of this hotel is best in class and families visiting the city actually like this thing because it saves lot of travel time in commuting to popular travel destinations around the city.

Hotel Mythos Milan is the low cost but luxury four star hotel in the area which is 0.61 Kms from Galfa Tower - Milan. This is one of the well known 4 diamond hotels in the area with all amenities. This hotel is suggested for families travelling with babies - as the staff is very kid friendly and will patiently listen to all your specific requirements.

NH Grand Hotel Verdi is another Bargain hotel in the area which is 0.79 Kms from Galfa Tower - Milan The hotel has a great popularity on various travel portals and its services are enjoyed and vouched by thousands of people every year.. Prices are well maintained and not so high if we compare the recent price hikes by other leading hotel chains.

Here is the complete list of popular hotels in the city with Price per night as on the date of publishing this page - For current rate please visit the hotel link below - If luck is in your favour you can actually save upto 30 to 40% as promotional or off-season discount !!

Selected Hotels in Milan Distance from Galfa Tower Price (In EUR) Star Address
B&B Villa Melchiorre 0.75 Kms € 20 1 Star Viale Lunigiana 24
Hostel Central Station 0.77 Kms € 21 2 Star Viale Lunigiana 4
Cityhotel Central Station 0.45 Kms € 26 1 Star Via Giovanni Battista...
Virgilio Hotel 0.89 Kms € 34 2 Star Via Pl Da Palestrina 30
Hotel Bolzano 0.53 Kms € 35 3 Star Via Boscovich 21
Hotel Valley 0.88 Kms € 37 1 Star Via Soperga 19
Canova Hotel 0.57 Kms € 40 3 Star via Napo Torriani 15
Hotel Arno 0.86 Kms € 41 1 Star Via Lazzaretto 17
The Best Hotel Milan 0.91 Kms € 41 2 Star Via Benedetto Marcello 83
Mokinba Hotels Cristallo 0.81 Kms € 42 3 Star Via Scarlatti 22
Amadeus Hotel Milan 0.56 Kms € 43 3 Star Via Vitruvio 48
Hotel Mythos Milan 0.61 Kms € 44 4 Star Via Carlo Tenca 21
Hotel Gonzaga Milan 0.62 Kms € 44 3 Star Via Vitruvio 43
Hotel Garda Milan 0.5 Kms € 44 3 Star Via Napo Torriani 21
New York Hotel Milan 0.33 Kms € 44 3 Star Via G.B. Pirelli 5
Mennini 0.63 Kms € 45 3 Star Via Napo Torriani 14
Hotel Bernina Milan 0.49 Kms € 46 3 Star Via Napo Torriani 27
Hotel Zara Milano 0.75 Kms € 46 3 Star Viale Zara 28
Hostel Beatrice Milano 0.45 Kms € 49 1 Star Via G. B. Sammartini 15
Hotel Merano Milan 0.95 Kms € 51 1 Star Via Lazzaretto N 10
Club Hotel Milan 0.42 Kms € 51 3 Star Via Copernico 18
Hotel Cervo Milan 0.82 Kms € 54 3 Star Piazza Principessa...
NH Grand Hotel Verdi 0.79 Kms € 55 4 Star Via Melchiorre Gioia 6
Hotel Demo 0.42 Kms € 55 3 Star Via Tonale 14
Soperga Hotel 0.92 Kms € 55 3 Star Via Soperga 24
Casa Mia Hotel 0.96 Kms € 57 2 Star Viale Vittorio Veneto 30
Charly 0.84 Kms € 58 2 Star Via Ludovico Settala 76
Hotel Bagliori 0.87 Kms € 58 3 Star Via Boscovich 43
Ibis Milano Centro 0.94 Kms € 59 3 Star Via Finocchiaro Aprile 2
Mokinba Hotel Baviera 0.9 Kms € 60 4 Star Via Panfilo Castaldi 7

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